700Hp 427 SBC Whipple Supercharged Marine Engine Custom Turn Key Baja Boat Motor View larger

700Hp 427 SBC Whipple Supercharged Marine Engine Custom Turn Key Baja Boat Motor




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All parts hand cleaned
Block sonic checked for thickness
Block pressure tested @ 40 psi
Block stroker clearanced
Block square decked with BHJ fixture
Oil galleys tapped for screw in plugs
Aligned honed mains
Bored and honed with torque plates
All clearances checked to the nearest .0001"
Rotating assembly balanced
Engine blueprinted with specs sheet on file
Engine fully dressed to customer specifications
Dyno tested with actual results supplied to customer
1 Year limited warranty


Completely Assembled From Oil Pan to Intake Manifold W/ Marine Whipple 3.3L Super Charger, Quick Fuel Marine 950 Blower DF/DP Carb W/ fuel log, MSD Marine Pro Billet Distributor, Custom fit wires and looms choice of color. Also comes with MSD 6M-2L Box, MSD BTM (Boost timing management) box, Blaster SS Coil and Small hardware finishing kit

Engine Model - PRE-C427M-WPLTK
Horsepower - 700 HP
Torque - 700 Ft Lbs
Bore and Stroke - 4.125 x 4.00 Inches
Compression Ratio - 9.5:1
Fuel - Premium pump gas
Crankshaft - Eagle Forged Steel
Connecting Rods - Eagle 6.00" Forged H Beam, bushed w/ARP Bolts
Pistons - Custom JE Forged Severe Duty
Rings - Stainless Steel
Block - Dart SHP 4.125 Bore SBC
Camshaft - Comp Hydraulic roller
Lifters - Scorpion Tie Bar Hydraulic roller
Timing Set - Double roller chain
Timing Cover - New Cast aluminum
Harmonic Balancer - Innovators West
Oil Pump - Melling High volume w/Welded HD pick up
Oil Pan - Moroso 7qt Marine Oil Pan
Heads -AFR CNC 210cc Aluminum
Head Bolts - ARP Studs
Valves - Stainless steel Intake / Extreme duty exhaust
Springs - Dual with dampener
Rocker Studs - ARP 7/16 diameter screw in type
Rocker Arms - Scorpion 1.7 Aluminum full roller
Pushrods - 5/16 Hardened steel with guide plates
Intake Manifold - Whipple Port Matched
Valve Covers - GM Cast aluminum
Spark Plugs - Autolite 3922
Oil Filter - Fram or comparable
Ignition Timing - 32 degrees at 4,000 RPM (-1deg PER 1 lb boost- CALL)
Oil Type - Mineral based