Corvair REVERSE ROTATION 183 Cu. In. motor Weber carbs over 325 HP View larger

Corvair REVERSE ROTATION 183 Cu. In. motor Weber carbs over 325 HP




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Corvair motorREVERS ROTATION  with George Salih Aluminum Barrels with steel liners. Forged Pistons with valve pockets cut into tops for valve clearance. Schnieder solid lifter cam # 31582 set at .006 clod lift is .518 and Otto fail safe cam gear installed after Dial indicating cam to Crank.  Crank is std/std NITRITED, Oil holes champhered and all parts BALANCED. Clevitt 77 main and Rod bearings.Crank hub has a 5/16  1 1/2 in. hardended dowel pin in it so you will not spin hub on crank and destroy motor.  Has 3/8 ARP X 24 flywheel bolts and 2 dowl pins for double Disc. clutch to Crank.  Has 2700 lbs Kennedy pressure plate. Head  chambers extensively machined so only 35.4 cc's in chambers.All NEW Bronze guides valve seats staked like Bill Thomas of Yenko fame did and chambers and exhaust flowed and ANGLE Exhaust with 1  3/8 tubes.  Big block valve Springs set at 135 lbs closed and 350 open.  Cam uses chilled lifters from Esky.  Has Harland and Sharp rollers rockers with Polly locks and stud girdle.  Wrist pins are custom from Western Wrist Pin and held in place with spiral locks.  Cirello/Vertex magneto fully rebuilt.  Heads have 1 3/8 angle exhaust.  Intake manifolds are by Crown and have 0-rings to head.  K&N air filters.  Offenhauser valve covers polished with #8 AN fittings welded for breathers.  One extra quart Otto aluminum pan and deep pickup.  Custom 911 fan assembly with 11 blades that takes 12hp at 7000rpm vs. 27hp at 6000rpm for a stock fan